E komo mai and welcome to the Molokai Yacht Club (MYC)!  The clubhouse has been located on the sandy shores of the Kaunakakai Wharf, Molokai, Hawaii since founded in 1968.  Water and social activities continue to be the focal point of the membership.

The Molokai Yacht Club is a member of the Yachting Club of America  with reciprocal privileges to over 700 clubs throughout the United States.

Commodore Manera

MYC Logo

The MYC burgee and logo is composed of the letters MYC in a circle, on a red eight pointed star, on a blue background.  The eight pointed star on the burgee represents the eight major Hawaiian Islands, of which MOLOKAI is in the center. The Colors represent those of the United States and the Hawaiian flags.  The MYC identifies our MOLOKAI YACHT CLUB.


In 1968 several Molokai residents filed a written “Petition for Charter” to incorporate a non-profit corporation under the name of MOLOKAI YACHT CLUB. Said petitioners and founders, Arthur Bivens, Robert Merryman, and William Riggan (and their successors) were granted said “Charter” with the clubhouse facilities located at the Kaunakakai wharf, Molokai, Hawaii. The original “Object and Purposes: The object of this Club shall be to promote the sports of yacht racing, cruising, fishing, motorboating, and other marine activities and to afford its members opportunities for participation in these activities;” and later added social activities.

The “Charter” also includes special conditions with responsibilities that the MYC will ensure that the Kaunakakai Range Lights and Daymarks are protected from vandalism/damage and easily visible for the safety of the mariners. It also provides the Coast Guard Auxiliary the use of the MYC facilities for meetings, trainings, public education courses, as well as office space for their use. The current MYC Board is working on re-connecting with the Coast Guard Auxiliary to ensure that their needs are being met.

Since the founders, MYC has seen several Commodores: Harbottle, Borden, Akiona, Hodgins, Puhi, Rawlins, and today’s Commodore, Luigi Manera. Many more volunteers, too many to mention, shared in the hard labor to efficiently haul and relocate a building from the Molokai Ranch and built it up to what it is today which continues to serve the water and social activities enjoyed by members and their guests. The Molokai community has also used the facilities for family events: weddings, graduations, funerals, birthdays, etc. The Pailolo Challenge (Maui-Molokai race) is an annual competition with close to 1,000 paddlers that use the facilities for their 2-day event.

The building, in its glory days, offered hot water, showers, plenty of parking and a large covered patio on beach front property. However, the facilities is 48-years old and needs capital improvements. The MYC Board continues to organize clean-up days on weekends for this purpose.

Although a private club, the Molokai Yacht Club membership is open to all interested parties, and Molokai residents are encouraged to join. The MYC operates on membership dues, rental fees, and donations with no funding support from Maui County or the State.

Visit Molokai

The clubhouse is located on the sandy shores of the state’s longest pier, Kaunakakai wharf, Molokai, Hawaii.  See Visit Molokai for more information about Molokai also known as the “most Hawaiian island.”



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