Although a private club, the Molokai Yacht Club membership is open to all interested parties, and Molokai residents are encouraged to join. To join, there is a one-time initiation fee and a reasonable annual renewal fee which is due each January to maintain membership status. Membership includes invitations to all MYC functions, reciprocity to most other yacht clubs registered with Yachting Club of America and use of the facilities within the set guidelines.

Membership Application

To join the Molokai Yacht Club, complete the Membership Application Form and submit it with your check to the Molokai Yacht Club, PO Box 53, Kaunakakai, Hawaii 96748. The completed form will be reviewed for approval at the next MYC Board of Directors meeting held the second Monday of each month. Upon approval, a welcome letter with the reciprocal and membership cards will be mailed to the address provided on the application form.

No person shall be deemed unacceptable for membership in the MYC on the basis of race, religion or national origin.


The MYC By-Laws were recently updated and approved by the membership at the Annual Membership Meeting held on November 19, 2015.  See the current by-laws here .

Charter & Lifetime Members

Name Joined Inducted
Ainoa, David 1968 C/L=?
Akiona, Philip 1978 L=1982
Austin, Roy 1978 L=1982
Borden, Lucy ? ?
Castanera, Samuel 1972 C/L=?
Cluney, Lydia (Noe) ? L=1976
Craft, Winifred 1978 L=1979
Field, James 1971 L=1980
Harbottle, Carinthia 1980 L=1980
Hodgins, Aka 1968 C/L=2012
Hodgins, Pearl 1968 L=2008
Hustace, Maria 1968 C/L=1976
Ignacio-Burrows, Victoria 2007 L=2010
Lima, David 1975 L=1981
Mokuau, Linda 1986 L=?
Moore, Dale 1977 L=?
O’Hara, James 1991 L=1999
Petro, Stephen 1968 L=2012
Puhi, Carl 1981 L=2002
Rawlins, Samuel 1968 L=2003
Stevens, Paul 1968 C/L=2012
Unemori, Nancy 1971 L=?